Consider a security camera with a license plate reader (LPR) from Gemini Surveillance in Frankfort, IL, and increase any business’s security and optimization. A license plate reader camera is a specialized video surveillance camera designed to grab the numbers and letters of a license plate on still or moving vehicles. They are excellent for parking lot security, campuses, gated communities, apartments, tolling, hotel overstay management, and many other applications.

Contact Gemini Surveillance in Frankfurt, IL, for a secure camera with a license plate reader. We have years of experience and dedicated system engineers who can craft a security and surveillance system that meets your needs. Installing security cameras with license plate readers simplifies visitor management for your business. It reduces legal liability by providing recorded proof of license plate numbers, which helps identify and catch offenders. Gemini Surveillance camera installers provide license plate reader camera systems that are fully optimized to protect your business. We work with industrial, institutional, commercial, and HOA communities to ensure the safety and surveillance of who is coming and going on our property.

A professionally installed LPR system is generally permanent in its design. It usually involves LPR cameras installed at key points throughout a parking lot, at a gated entrance, or on the property, plus software that can decipher the license plate capture. Gemini Surveillance in Frankfurt, IL, has a camera with a license plate reader system that meets the needs of any situation. License plate recognition cameras are designed to detect when vehicle license plates enter a defined area. When a license plate is detected, the event is bookmarked, a photo is taken, and video is recorded on the system’s hard drive. When a vehicle passes through the LPR camera’s scope of view, the device can identify the position of the license plate, ignoring any other data in the picture. Thumbnail images are then displayed on a live video view for easy access to playback the recorded video of the license plate capture. This technology is instrumental in preventing possible theft or injury and locating a perpetrator after the incident.

Specially designed license plate reader security cameras from Gemini Surveillance in Frankfurt, IL, are the best for reading license plates. Most cameras can’t consistently capture license plates in various weather and lighting conditions, day and night, even when vehicles move. Because LPRs are designed specifically to capture license plate numbers, they have the tools to capture the correct image every time. The license plate reader camera systems we install combine high-resolution sensors and special visual character recognition to capture license plate numbers and letters day and night. Have the Gemini team provide a demonstration at your business, apartment complex, HOA, campus grounds, or any place you want more security and active surveillance. The LPR camera systems from Gemini Surveillance can be integrated with alarms, entry and exit gate management, and smartphone apps. You can keep out watch-listed vehicles and receive security alerts, even from offsite. Working with you and being mindful and knowledgeable of your priorities sets us apart and allows us to create a security solution that best meets your needs and challenges. License plate reader cameras make watching and reviewing what’s happening around your property easy and efficient. Connect with us online for a quote, call the Gemini Security Specialists at 708) 403-9200, or email us at to have the professional security team install a camera with a license plate reader in Frankfurt, IL. Keeping your assets and investments safe is as important to us at Gemini Surveillance Systems as it is to you.

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