When you partner with Gemini Surveillance, it’s more than just installing a security system – it’s gaining access to a suite of services that guide you through a strategic setup process.

Curious about our process? Here’s an overview:


We initiate with a thorough security assessment of your premises. Our seasoned security specialists, with extensive experience across the Chicagoland area, will thoroughly evaluate your property to determine the best security devices for your project.


We take pride in surpassing client expectations by delivering cutting-edge security systems. We’re confident in achieving your security objectives, whether it involves surveillance, access control, fire alarm, burglar alarm, intercom, building automation, or a tailored combination of these.


Understanding your current security challenges, anticipated future issues, and areas for enhancement is vital. We develop a plan tailrored to your security needs.


We take pride in tailoring functional, stable, and scalable designs specific to your building’s characteristics and your unique needs is our priority. Whether it’s new installations or upgrades, our team meticulously plans the design.


Installation involves not just placing equipment but ensuring secure and concealed placements. Our certified technicians handle the installation of various security devices with precision, focusing on aesthetics and functionality.


At Gemini Surveillance we understand that security systems need human expertise, we provide comprehensive training to your security team post-installation while also offering continuous support and guidance ensure your team operates the systems proficiently.

Gemini Survellance is dedicated to aiding in maintaining your security system’s optimal performance, preventing breakdowns and operational issues.

Considering a Security System in Orland Park or Chicagoland Area?