Let Gemini Commercial Surveillance Systems stop security risks while or even before they threaten your assets. Our systems cover interior and exterior areas of the property, allowing our team to cover and focus on your priorities and strategic points of concern, such as entries, loading and unloading areas, employee and visitor parking areas, dumpsters, and critical ground perimeters. At Gemini Systems, we recognize the need for commercial facilities to keep a secure environment and reduce liability.

Businesses use different types of surveillance to protect their employees, assets, and property from criminal elements and other adversarial security breaches. At Gemini Systems, we understand that business and commercial property owners invest time and money into their companies. Utilizing the top-notch equipment we install meets their needs to safeguard it all. Our dedicated and dependable personnel are experienced in creating a 24/7 functionality of security systems for banks and financial institutions, hotels and hospitality venues, restaurants, and retail/mixed-use facilities.

Whatever your commercial security challenges may be, the Gemini Surveillance and Security team will take them head-on, ready to exceed expectations and redefine the protection boundaries of your assets. Request a quote online for a high-quality security system that we will tailor to meet your distinctive needs. You can call our home base at 1 (708) 403-9200 or send an email to GeminiSystems@gmail.com, and a Gemini Systems Representative will be in touch shortly.

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