While the institutional category of security products surrounds various buildings and uses, Gemini Systems has the solution to meet the security and surveillance demands. K-12 and Higher Education facilities, Municipality Buildings, and Governmental functioning locations all need sturdy, reliable, and top-notch equipment to keep high volumes of visitors, personnel, buildings, and grounds protected 24/7.

Because of the higher foot traffic these facilities see daily, institutional security poses many challenges. Gemini Systems teams can craft excellence in a security system that meets and exceeds expectations regarding security and surveillance needs that may change from one day to the next. Furthermore, institutional security involves meeting security standards specific to one institution. Gemini Systems offers services for specific properties, such as schools, colleges, and other municipal or governmental institutions. Our services are tailored to meet the specifications needed for the individual location, facility size, and exterior grounds with Alarm Systems, Access Control, Security System Integration, and more.

Find out which security and surveillance solutions best meet your industrial security needs by emailing us at GeminiSystems@gmail.com, calling 1 (708) 403-9200, or requesting a quote online. Our trailblazing outsourced industrial security services deliver significant cost savings and boost the crucial 24/7 functionality of the security systems you need.

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