Gemini Systems is leading the development of security solutions for industrial facilities. Safeguarding the interior of the structure and keeping tools, equipment, and materials inside that can be at risk of being vandalized or stolen is important. Anyone responsible for the safety of a distribution/warehouse, food & beverage storage and transport, manufacturing/assembly, oil, gas & energy storage and facilitation, scrap & recycling plants, and transportation operations knows that industrial security is a top priority.

Security System installation

Storing assets outside a building poses different security challenges that the Gemini Systems personnel can effectively solve because fences, gates, and lights can only do so much. We offer 24/7 functional industrial security systems that put your priorities in safety first because we understand that every security concern is distinctive, whether for an inside security surveillance system, installed systems outside the building, or both. An experienced security development team will create a solution that tackles your challenges head-on.

Request a quote online, call us at 1 (708) 403-9200, or email We can tailor a CCTV Security System, Alarm System, access control System, or any other solution for industrial security you need.

Security system monitoring

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